How to get THAT glowing face look using the right skincare products?

So, howto get THAT glowing flawless face look?! And what products shall we use?
Lets find some answers…


OK, we all want to have a great skin. But are we willing to do the ‘work’ that it takes to get there? There are a couple of rules to create a very special ‘daily skin ritual’ that I am going to tell you all about to get your perfect skin back!




Ok, so whether you’ve already got a flawless pink cheeks and smooth texture skin or pimple, acne, redness, dryness issues- there is always room for improvement and there is ALWAYS a solution to all problems. It always starts with a great skin routine, but I prefer to call it a Ritual. Simply because a routine is something regular and usually, hm boring?! But a Ritual has a sense of connection, purpose and an intent. Let’s start with a few key points to a great skin ritual:


  1. Clean skin is a good start!

That doesn’t mean scrubbing it every day with harsh chemicals, using a good all-natural oil based or water-based cleanser is enough, gently massaging or sponge lather it on and then use hot towel to gently remove excess make up and dirt- I promise you will have the softest skin ever. I recommend a Miracle Skin Cleanser I make from scratch and it gives the best results!


  1. Tone it down!

This is my favourite as I love feeling the cooling spritz on my face, it’s so refreshing and nourishing at the same time! You don’t need to use a sponge here, unless you want to, otherwise you can spray it right onto skin. I love using a Pure Rose Water as it gives all the great properties, I need in a good toner to relieve any redness or inflammation and to even out the tone.



  1. Moisture up!

Use a good moisturiser or an oil, which will give your skin a boost of antioxidants and leave the open skin pores some love with the all-natural ingredient-based face cream. I use this Miracle Face oils and it acts as a serum and moisturiser all in one! My skin is always glowing after it! 

  1. Gua Sha the way!

I got mine from Foile as I love their mushroom shapes, so cute! But you can get yours from any health store nearby, they come on shapes and forms, golden, crystal, you choose! Incorporating a massage is a great way to bring some blood flow and it’s been proven to reduce wrinkles and prolong a young-looking face, basically you’re getting a face lift without a needle! So go for it!


  1. Seal it up!

Top it up with a good night/day cream!

This one is optional. I usually skip it in a day just to keep my face lighter and less greasy but some people like it. A night and day creams are design to really provide a protection seal for your face to ‘soak up’ all the goodness you’ve put on it during your ritual and boost the elasticity and skin’s ability to restore, so make sure you invest in a good one!


To sum it up, a good skin ritual starts with an intention, and I like to call it, ‘Connecting to your nature within and without’. It then provides a steady base to experience a deeper connection with Self. I also have to mention the obvious one- you diet, and your gut health is key to your skin’s wellbeing. SO, make sure you also include a healthy eating plan into your ritual.

But more on that later! Hope you create a beautiful and nourishing skin Ritual for yourself and make it a treat each time, because you deserve it!

Yours, Iveta xx







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