About Matushka Skincare

Matushka (translated as a 'Mother' from Russian) has been inspired by women and Mothers to create a beauty that is affordable and completely natural.
Matushka Skincare is about creating a ritual, a special sacred ceremony for coming in touch with nature, both yours and all around. 
The art of self care starts with the ritual. 
Ritual is interwoven with the elements of the Earth, Water, Fire, Air. We connect with each and one of them deeply through our skincare. 
The elements allow us to tap into our own nature, the skin and bones which is made of all of what nature is!
We use those gifts of Mother nature to restore the balance and nurture the body in an intentional way.
’My vision is to nurture and nourish new mamas and all women. To have products that help the evolution and growth of humanity with deep honouring of the feminine. I am drawn to natural therapies so much and every day inspires me to bring new self care tools to life so that we all can learn how to deeply love ourselves, see our worth in this world and find courage to share our truth.’
'We live in such an abundant part of the Earth and I would like to use this opportunity to create the most beautiful skin nourishing products for our Mothers and women. This is a home apothecary and all of the mixtures are made with so much love and integrity, using the highest quality ingredients, organic and wild harvested where possible, handmade and hand poured
with so much love, passion and gratitude, I want to bring the radiance of my alchemical play to life'
~ Iveta, Founder of Matushka