Matushka Story


'Matushka' translates as an 'Ancient Mother' from Russian, which is our heritage and roots. It has begun with the love for herbs and Iveta's own mum making creams and lotions and then storing it in the fridge to retain freshness. Iveta learnt early on the power of natural skincare with no additives, handmade at home by her mother.
Iveta has been deeply and intimately working with various plants and learnt how to apply them as medicines. She has honoured ancient traditions since a very young age and have undergone several studies and initiations in yoga, shamanic traditions, herbal apothecary, design and business which helped her to put this creation together inspired by pregnancy and birth of her own daughter. 

Her intent was to create the body care range that can be a bridge to self care and self love for new mothers and all women.

’I understand and fully see all the hard work that women do, raising children and taking care of homes. My vision is to nurture and nourish women and especially new Mothers as they are often lacking time for self-care and mostly are on a burn out'. Our natural skincare range is created with an intent for deep nourishment guided towards the feminine and in support for women’s healing.

'We live in such an abundant and precious part of the Earth, Byron Bay, Bundjalung Nation with Arakwal people undertaking care of the land and I pride in this opportunity I am given to create the most special skin nourishing products. This is a home apothecary and all of the mixtures are made with so much love and intent, using the highest quality ingredients, organic and locally sourced, where possible, handmade and hand poured with passion for each batch, bringing the radiance of my alchemical play to life'

~ Iveta, Founder of Matushka


Acknowledgement of Widjabul/Wayabul Country, Bundjalung Nation.
We respect and honour Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Elders past, present and future. We acknowledge the stories, traditions and living cultures of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples on this land and commit to building a brighter future together.