Miracle Face Elixir - Matushka Apothecary
Miracle Face Elixir - Matushka Apothecary
Miracle Face Elixir - Matushka Apothecary
Miracle Face Elixir - Matushka Apothecary

Miracle Face Elixir

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Magical. Healing. Glow getter.

Pure magic on your skin.

Created with rose and sun infused jojoba and coconut oils, purified with crystal energy and charged with full moon energy- a pure ode to yourself. Pure essential oils of rose geranium, evening primrose, almond and carrot seed. 



  • Promotes cellular regeneration
  • Reduces blemish outbreaks
  • Reduces acne scars and marks
  • Hydrates dry skin/balances oily skin
  • Anti-ageing
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Reduces itching and irritation
  • Smoothes dry patches
  • Purifying
  • Antioxidant action

Ingredients: rose and solar infused jojoba and organic coconut oil*, evening primrose oil, carrot seed, lemon, almond oil, rose geranium, juniper berry. 

*Certified Organic

Completely free of chemical additives and 100% vegan friendly. 

Black miron glass bottle 50 ml

Please note the ingredients list, colour and texture may change slightly depending on a batch, refer to the label. Patch test for allergies. 

Miracle Face Elixir - Matushka Apothecary
Miracle Face Elixir - Matushka Apothecary

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

I love this oil - it is unlike any other. It gets absorbed so easily into my skin and truly does not leave any oily or sticky residue. My skin feels light and supple after. It gets very dry and starts peeling in winter, and this has helped so much. The scent is so lovely too 😌.

Hayley Hadlow
Best face oil ever!!

This oil has honestly made such a huge difference in such a short time! I think the first day I used it my skin was glowing! Scaring has cleared, moisture regained and redness and irritation has decreased! I wouldn’t recommend anything else !! Best face / skin care I’ve used in a long time !!

Lovely Product!

Only using this product for a week or so, already in love. Unlike some oils, its so delicate, light and soft on your skin. Such a refreshing & nourishing feeling. Bonus, theres no chemical smell, pure freshness. Love it <3 Thank you Matushka!

I'm in love!!

Sometimes you come across a product and can't believe it wasn't in your life before. Luxury, nourishing, radiant, complete. Everything I was looking for that I couldn't find until now. Thank you Matushka Skincare!!

Anna I
Love this!

This beautiful antioxidant rich oil not only smells divine it is like a love lotion for my ageing skin giving it a radiant, youthful glow. I only need a few drops on my fingertips, and as I gently press it into my face I can't help but react with a sigh of gratitude for how it makes me feel. It's like a little luxury I so deserve every day!