How to age with grace or our take on modern ageing

Afraid of Ageing? 

Let me introduce you to what we call the Beauty of Ageing.



“Wrinkles are not only elegant - they’re a sign of a life well lived, and an older woman’s most stylish accessory” Joanne Palmaro, Actor 

In today's youth-obsessed culture, more and more people relate aging with losing beauty as well as love and respect. It seems like it's something that we don't want to reach in our lives, like a sickness that you want to get rid of. 

So what I would like you to question yourself is: WHY?

What are we trying to mask?

Cycles are inherent in nature, being aware of them can be an enriching tool of empowerment and wisdom.

 In other cultures, the main component of elder ship is to teach and pass down knowledge, playing a vital role by accepting maturity and sharing experience. 

Getting older is like evolving, that's what it really means for us. 

There's nothing negative about it. 

It's all about the way you want to look at the most beautiful existing process: the cycle of life.

 We asked the women from Matushka community just one question: “What do you think you gained over the years? “

The answers were varied, but we came up with one that we found the most useful:

" The best thing about this stage is that everything I learned to be, to give myself to others, today is actually my best tool to give to myself.


Self compassion

Self empathy 

As life slips through my fingers, I enjoy and value more intensely each moment that slips away."

"Time is a convention.

All that I was, I am, here and now; is currently coexisting at the same time and in harmony." -Kitty Pugliese

This really inspired us to keep spreading the beauty of ageing. It is a powerful concept that encourages us all to enjoy every phase of our life, and just be at peace with what we are.

We won't deny the fact that this beautiful woman had surely experienced many situations that weren't probably as she wanted to be, or had to face frustration several times. But in the end, if we can see the whole movie and not just a photo, experience is the most valuable gift we own. And experience is only gained over time.

 We have a few steps that help our women to achieve these results:

  • Doing a daily morning ritual connecting with the self and the state of mind- yoga, stretch, meditation, going for a walk or a swim outside
  • Applying Matushka Miracle Face Elixir morning and night to nourish and restore the skin from daily sun damage
  • Having some alone time to process any emotions, check in and be present with what you are feeling, ideally daily or 2-3 times a week at least
  • Having a warm magnesium soak bath, we love using Matushka Bath Soak with organic rose and lavender petals, it soothes and relaxes you instantly, perfect before bedtime
  • Having herbal teas throughout the day to allow your nervous system to calm


Benefits of ageing:

Many women recognise that they improve in different areas as they age and therefore improving their way of life:

  • Emotional intelligence does improve; less emotional volatility and better understanding of relationships - what we call wisdom. 
  • Increased Certainty: You know what you want better than anybody else. And you have the confidence to go after those things
  • Life experience helps us make smart decisions. Our mind gets sharper. Experience is always the best teacher. 

Embracing yourself is the first step to self-care.

Being conscious and happy with what you are creating with yourself every day, accepting your strengths and vulnerabilities, is accepting your whole being.  

We believe that this is a powerful concept that we genuinely want to keep on working with our community. We want to be part of this path and join your evolution. Be part of the process of every day.  

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