Why do natural perfumes ‘not last’?


Ok, so we’ve all been there. We got so excited to try our new bought ‘natural’ perfume that contains zero artificial or animal derived additives and woah!! It doesn’t smell as strong as our other ones and most definitely does not last as long as most of your shelf perfumes.

What’s the catch?


You might not come to a shock if I tell you that most of the ingredients that keep perfume smelling ‘oh, so good!’ are actually resources like alcohol, petrochemicals, coal, and coal tars are used in the manufacture of perfumes which is what keeps it smelling so great and so strong because of the density and the chemical component of those ingredients intensifying the smell artificially and of course, it lasts way longer since all that junk gets fully absorbed into our skin! Yuk.

But keep reading, the actual shock comes next… 



One might think that the ingredients used in the fragrance industry are all delicate and pretty, but not everything is rosy in the perfume garden. Natural ambergris, which is one of the most valuable raw materials in perfumery, actually comes from sperm whale vomit. Yes, you read that right. How awful is that?? Now, I do not want to know how it is being derived or prepared into a perfume but what I definitely want is for that NOT to come anywhere near my skin.

Also a little side note, animal cruelty is one of the largest problems that we are facing as a society when it comes to cosmetic manufacturing.


But back to our topic, what else makes natural perfume stand out but

still not so attractive to a general customer?


Well, the fact that generations upon generations, since 1370, the big cosmetic industries started the perfume manufacturing, we have been literally destroying our sense of smell with artificially made product that is so unnatural that our senses slowly and sadly declined… Why? Because we were made to believe that it is so good and everyone wanted to use it!!! (aka standard marketing) It was a pretty sensational invention and every woman in the world (and men) would want to smell fantastic, so here we go!

But the downside of it is that, if we come into a contact with an actual chemical free elixir with natural plant ingredients, our noses deny the fact that it smells beautiful and it isn’t supposed to ‘last’ more than a few hours at most.. Unfortunately, most of us don’t know this so we assume that that product just isn’t good enough, which is a real shame.

Because the beauty of naturally made oils and perfumes is that herbs and plants tend to ‘open up’ their flavours in layers and as you wear it, they blend in with your skin secretions to make up a unique scent that is only yours! Pretty damn incredible isn’t it?!


Of course, at the end of the day, it is our choice whether we want to use a natural perfume or stick with the ‘old version’ and what we put on our skin and our body is absolutely our own decision to make.

But essentially, it will take us humans a long time to return to our natural sense of smell and taste where everything will be normal again without the need of adding artificial flavours and food enhancers.

Luckily, I’ve made an absolutely incredible natural body scent that lasts and smells fantastic! I also have developed a unisex and a feminine version that will not disappoint. It’s my absolute favourite perfume so far to use daily and is 100% safe!

Always with love,

Yours, Iveta. Xx






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