Radiant Beginnings: A Self-Love and Mindfulness New Year Skincare Routine

Radiant Beginnings: A Self-Love and Mindfulness New Year Skincare Routine

Welcome to a new year, a fresh chapter in your journey towards self-love and mindfulness. This skincare routine is designed not just to enhance your outer beauty but also to nurture your inner well-being. Each step is an opportunity to practice mindfulness, turning your skincare routine into a self-love ritual.

Step 1: Mindful Cleansing- we love Matushka Miracle Face Cleanser 
Begin your skincare journey with a gentle cleanser that not only removes impurities but also provides a moment of mindfulness. As you cleanse, focus on the sensation of the cleanser on your skin, the soothing scent, and the calming rhythm of your breath. Let go of the day's stresses and embrace this moment of self-care.

Step 2: Exfoliation with Intention we love Matushka Bath Soak with Organic rose and lavender
Choose a gentle exfoliator to slough away dead skin cells. As you massage it onto your skin, reflect on releasing old patterns and making space for new beginnings. With each circular motion, visualize shedding negativity and embracing the potential for growth and positivity.

Step 3: Nourish with Love we love Matushka Face Elixir as an all-rounder
Apply a hydrating and nutrient-rich serum or moisturiser. As you massage the product into your skin, express gratitude for your body. Visualise the nutrients sinking in, not just feeding your skin but also nourishing your soul. Let this step be a reminder to nourish your mind and spirit with positive thoughts and self-love.

Step 4: Eye Care and Reflection we use Bluem as it has amazing properties!
Take a moment for your under-eye area, using a gentle eye cream. While applying, reflect on the windows to your soul. Think about the kindness and love you can show yourself and others. Embrace your reflections, acknowledging the beauty that comes from within.

Step 5: Mindful Masking we love Mukti Organics Face Mask
Incorporate a weekly masking session into your routine. As the mask sets, take this time for mindfulness meditation. Close your eyes, focus on your breath, and let go of any tension. Allow the mask to symbolize the masks you might wear in your daily life, encouraging authenticity and self-acceptance.

Step 6: Seal with Self-Love, again we use Matushka oil for this! 
Complete your routine with a few drops of a luxurious facial oil. As you press the oil onto your skin, let each drop be a reminder of your inner beauty. Take a moment to appreciate the unique qualities that make you who you are. Seal this self-love ritual with a positive affirmation for the day ahead.

May this skincare routine not only enhance your external glow but also illuminate the radiance within. Each step is an opportunity for self-love and mindfulness, creating a foundation for a year filled with positivity, growth, and a deep connection to your beautiful self. Cheers to a radiant and mindful new year!

Iveta x 

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