The biggest mistake people make when choosing natural skincare

The biggest mistake people make when choosing natural skincare.


We ALL want natural skincare, I get it. But reading the label that states ‘Natural’ or ‘Organic’ isn’t enough. Want to know why?

Let’s break it down to how the industry uses terms so that they can get away with ‘sustainable’ and ‘organic’ simply for marketing purposes.




So, there are a couple of important factors that come into play with current skincare trends:


  1. Sustainability and its opposite- ‘Greenwashing’
Greenwashing is essentially when a company or organisation spends more time and money on marketing themselves as being sustainable than on actually minimising their environmental impact. It’s a deceitful advertising method to gain favour with consumers who choose to support businesses that care about bettering the planet.


  1. Natural and Organic Ingredients


Which in theory is a great thing and we’d love to believe that everything that is labelled to be Organic is truly good for you but unfortunately this isn’t the case and in the eyes of marketing it is great word to push for sales.


When looking for an organic and natural products it is important to remember that

Organic products intended for the Australian market are not required to be certified in order to be labelled 'organic', as well as if only one ingredient out of many is organic, the product CAN be labelled ‘organic’.

Also, if someone has labelled themselves organic does not stop them from adding artificial substances, testing on animals and harmful chemicals apart from that ONE ingredient identified as organic. I know, crazy stuff, hey!


  1. Last but not least, the chemical reaction between organic ingredients needs proper testing and can cause reactions and allergies if not done so, so I always prefer fewer ingredient list.


Firstly, because I know if I ate a bunch of different foods all at once, my tummy most likely would have an adverse reaction. Hence, putting 50 ingredient oil on my face will probably result in the same reaction as eating 50 foods at once, right?!

In saying that, there are certain ones that DO work well in combination with the others, like the carrot seed oil, juniper berry and evening primrose oils in my Miracle Face Elixir are designed to work together on tightening those pores, balancing the skin tone as well as anti-ageing and promoting cellular regeneration. But there are many, that don’t work so well together and the more ingredients there are, the more are the chances of you getting a reaction.



In conclusion, I want to say that customers need to be smart when choosing the right skincare, not only looking at nice packaging and labels but researching the brand and its concept deeper before finding the right match that will make your skin, wallet and our planet happy and safe!


With love. Iveta x



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