Fast paced life takes its toll on us. How to find more time for yourself and bring about inner peace?

Fast paced life takes its toll on us. How to find more time for yourself and bring about inner peace?

This is a huge topic. Our generation is so used to live in a race hack, constantly chasing the next thing, working or building a business, having family and a social life, finding time for yourself isn’t always easy. Let’s break it down and see if we can nudge some of the tips on how to live a less stressful, calmer and more productive lifestyle.



The biggest lesson I’ve learnt thought my early and mid 20s’ is that fast paced life isn’t for me. As much as I loved a great routine of getting up early, chasing my dreams at uni and a part time job followed by a night out, the inner pieces of ‘calm’ started to crumble when a career in fashion industry I was chasing was a brutal evidence of competition for survival and people were mistreated and disrespected in a workplace on a daily basis, I found myself pretty miserable and lost. I knew that a low self-esteem and a constantly crushed personality isn’t something I wanted to be and teach my kids. So then, I started doing more yoga and found more peaceful practices by simply shifting my attention to the things that bring me joy and following my intuition. Here are a few questions to ask yourself if you feel stressed:


  1. Is what I’m feeling brought by outer or inner circumstances?

Distinguish on where the problem is coming from. The invitation is to analyse what is it that makes you feel stressed. Sometimes we find things that take us by surprise.


  1. Don’t be afraid of change and ask a big question.

If you found an issue in what it is that makes you feel stressed, see if there are ways to fix it and whether it’s worth your while to continue or is it necessary to make some big changes and shifts.


  1. What are the ways that I can implement into my life to help me cope with stress?

Sometimes taking time for yourself is a necessary step towards a happy calm life filled with satisfaction from you do. Sometimes it reducing the load, other times it’s a complete change of career, relationships or routines.


Now that we have asked those questions and know what we are going through exactly, I want to offer you some simple ways to reduce stress levels and allow yourself to ground and release unnecessary tension:


  • Meditate- even 5-10 min a day, its proven to reduce stress and bring inner calm, simple.
  • Find time to treat yourself- And I am not talking taking yourself for a shopping stroll. Its practices that are more grounding, like doing a Yin Yoga class or taking a magnesium bath. Add Rose + Calendula Soak to release tension and sore muscles.
  • Allow time to integrate- this is important. A lot of times we don’t realise that we’ve been on a chase and have a lot to integrate and land. Can be as simple as taking a nature stroll or reading a book. Contemplate on why you do what you do…
  • Nature time- allow yourself to spend time in nature a little (or a lot) every day. Find a little swim hole or a walk, it will fill you with positive vibrant energy.
  • Finally, some music- having a dance at home or outside, listening to classical music, binaural beats, going out to a live concert- find your tunes, music is life! It lightens the heart and allows us to feel alive!

And remember, you’re not alone or stuck. Most of us go through stressful life situations and we can help each other elevate from heavy spaces and find more courage to step into your inner self and ask the important questions, to help fill the quest for the deep inner peace.

Let's create a long happy life! 

Yours Iveta x 






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