Business Mentoring- The Path Of A Woman

Do you feel like what you do is not enough to fulfil you? 
Do you dream a perfect business venture but not sure where to start?
Are you tired and feeling lack of support?
Girl, I'm with you on that one. I used to feel ALL that when I started my first business 3 years ago, right after a birth of my bub. And, man, I was exhausted, unsatisfied with life and as much as I love my baby more than anything, I felt that I really really wanted to do some grown-up stuff. Like, get a job? No, not a job. I wanted to fulfil my passion, let my creative juices flow and manifest all those shiny ideas I had into successful business that brought fulfilment and joy to me. But I was scared. I had no support, no mentor and didn't know where to start.
But, I finally, found a way! AND my idea finally bloomed into a beautiful sustainable business I have today. And this is why my passion is to help YOU achieve the same.
What is my main FOCUS in mentoring: Driving Creative Expression.
Are you a passionate and driven woman with a deep desire for creative expression? Do you dream of transforming your unique ideas into a thriving business? Then this mentoring is for you.
I am passionate not only about your business driving sales but HOW you drive them. Ethical and sustainable business structure isn't just about how it affects the Earth. Its about how it affects you and our community in a long run. How you feel mentally and physically running it. We want to feel excited and motivated to go to work, not depleted and exhausted.
If you think this might be for you, apply below and I'll get in touch. x
I cannot wait to see your idea fruition!
Much love, Iveta x