1:1 YIN+

Why YIN?

Life is about finding balance and when we feel slightly or a lot out of it, its hard to focus and especially hard to relax. Yin yoga helps us access special release points of the body meridians which in turn help us release tension, both physical and mental.

Yin is more sedative, relaxing and slow approach to yoga practice. It is the opposite of Yang which is what traditional Hatha or Vinyasa yoga about. Yin is introduced by replacing your dynamic practice by a more gentle. nurturing, slow and very potent asana to release deep tissue and access the parasympathetic nervous system so that you can truly let go and let your body dive into the ultimate recovery whether its from post workout, busy life or simply day to day activities.

The more passive forms of yoga, which is also sometimes referred to as 'restorative' really gives a chance for our body to recover itself in a truly intelligent way, allowing its own capacity to bring balance to both internal organs and muscle tissue. All of which interconnects the nervous endings which also interweaves a subtle energy body.


~ A 90 min Pranayam, Yin asana and Meditation session altered to your personal needs

~ A precise alignment and adjustments and light massage during posture holds

~ Gentle head massage with essential oils during Savasana

~ Take home asanas, meditation techniques and tips to improve your wellbeing (can be emailed to you)

~ Full attention and focus on your needs and all the support +props needed during the class.*

If you're feeling a 'full body YES' GIFTING this 1:1 YIN practice to yourself then please fill in the form bellow... I cannot wait to YIN with you :)

Namaste ॐ


*Note: additional fees for travel to your place. Byron Shire only

Online Zoom also available.